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Online training for Zhong Yuan Qigong and Image Medicine.

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The development of Zhong Yuan Qigong and Chinese Image Medicine in the world is carried out by the "bearer of tradition" - Grand Master Xu Mingtang. What does "bearer of tradition" mean? This is a person who is a great master of the direction himself, has received knowledge and experience from great masters, and so from generation to generation, for several centuries! Not only in antiquity, but until recently, in China, learning from the bearer of the tradition was a very, very great success. It was almost impossible to get to him, let alone study.

Learning from the bearer of the tradition and his student instructors gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills without distortion, speculation, interpretation. What is called first-hand!

Today you have a unique opportunity to learn Qigong and Chinese Image Medicine from the bearer of the tradition in both online and offline formats.

You can also go through the wellness programs according to the method of Chinese Image Medicine.


17.04.2021 - 11.04.2021

Healing records

Healing (healing - healing) is a session of energy-informational assistance provided by the Grand Master of Qigong Xu Mingtang.

Since 2020, Qigong Grand Master Xu Mingtang has conducted more than 100 online group heals for various diseases.

As the main therapeutic method in healing, Image Medicine is used - the author's method of treatment, developed by Professor of TCM Xu Mingtang.

You can purchase healing records and use them yourself.

Online broadcasts

Weekly on Youtube channels Biguan and Xu Mingtang live broadcasts, lectures, healing sessions, meditations and training programs. Watch live broadcasts on our website.