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Qigong Grand-Master Xu Mingtang



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NOVEMBER 1-7, 2021


2 – 3 hrs


everyone who have previously passed Zhong Yuan Qigong online of offline seminars on Levels 1-3


Russian, English, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, German, French





Level 4 of Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) is a unique seminar taught exclusively by the founder and leader of the school, qigong Grand – Master Xu Mingtang. Profound teachings andlectures on qigong highest level practice are given during the seminar. Currently there are no other instructors with the right to teach Level 4.

  • Why do we need four levels of ZYQ.
  • The main method of teaching and specifics in Level 4.
  • Wisdom: the aim of Level 4.
  • What is wisdom?
  • How can we increase our wisdom?
  • Five levels of 3rd eye and wisdom.
  • How meditation connects to wisdom
  • The ancient teaching methods.
  • Why is it so important to open energy channel system?
  • Development of perception through activating one’s energy system.
  • Opening channels and points of Microcosmic Orbit to receive information.
  • How to improve one’s abilities of perception and transmitting the information with the help of Microcosmic Orbit exercise.
  • On Heaven and Earth gates, and on soul leaving the body.
  • The Central channel.
  • Open the central channel: practice.
  • How to access Master’s knowledge.
  • How Pause state connects with Wisdom.
  • On image and image thinking.
  • Connection between image and understanding of image.
  • On the development of Second Heart for understanding images.
  • Teaching through image perception as a way towards wisdom.
  • Energy, information and other forms of life.
  • Plant world and animal world.
  • Learning from other forms of life. How to access their knowledge.
  • The Big Tree exercise in Level 4.
  • Developing the ability to understand plants.
  • Can a plant understand us?
  • Communication with plant world.
  • How can we receive answers from plants.
  • On receiving help from plant world in image level.
  • Communication with animal world.
  • Can an animal understand us?
  • Communication in images between humans and other forms of life.
  • Communication with higher spirits as a way to increase one’ s wisdom.
  • Can we communicate with higher lives – aliens, fairies, immortals? Or, are we afraid to communicate with them?
  • How to enter plant world through Big Tree exercise.
  • What can we learn from animal world.
  • Receiving knowledge from animal world.
  • Different types of movements in dynamic practice.
  • Penguin exercise: receive the teaching and health effects.
  • Water as Qi storage.
  • Wisdom and success.
  • Successful people and standard of success in spiritual field.
  • Different standards of success.
  • How does the brain of successful people work?
  • Creativity and wisdom.
  • How to increase one’s wisdom?
  • Torsion fields and researchers.
  • What is energy and what is mind?
  • Advanced spiritual practice.
  • Transcendental energy channel.
  • On opening of Transcendental energy channel.
  • Why do we need to open Transcendental energy channel?
  • How does Transcendental energy work and should we concentrate it?
  • Pause state experience: Who am “I”?
  • On changing the image.
  • What is sickness? The types of sickness.
  • Yin-Yang balance in one’s body
  • On higher worlds.
  • What is civilization?
  • High level of practice.
  • On communication with other forms of life.
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Using knowledge of plant world to improve one’s health.
  • Using the knowledge of animal world,
  • The search for and realization of the True Self as a goal of spiritual development.
  • Image thinking as an ability to communicate with higher worlds.
  • How wisdom manifests itself.
  • Pause and freedom.
  • The conditions for soul to leave the body.
  • The main practice of Level 4 – Zhengong or “the right practice”
  • Zhengong theory and practice, details and specifics of practice.
  • Understanding the true Self.
  • The way to Dao.
  • On Emptiness.
  • On You-wei and Wu-wei practice. Being awareof Wu-wei state.
  • On emptiness and high level spiritual practice.
  • How to practice after the seminar.

Meditations with Master Xu Mingtang.

Answers to questions and homework.

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